Staff Picks: Unique & Trendy Jewelry Rings, Earrings

am-staff-picks Emily Tebbutt, a junior cataloguer in the Jewellery department, picks out three of her favourite lots from our upcoming auction of Unique & Trendy Jewelry, Thursday 17th September. Lot 102  A sapphire and diamond cluster ring. A sapphire and diamond cluster ring Can you ever go wrong with a sapphire and diamond cluster ring? Certainly not when the sapphire displays a blue colour like this one! Lot 465 – A citrine, onyx and diamond brooch A citrine, onyx and diamond brooch One of my favourite stone combinations in unique trendy jewelry is onyx and diamond. I love the contrast of colours and the geometric design in this piece only adds to the striking look. Lot 484 – A pair of coral and diamond ear pendants 484A pair of coral and diamond ear pendants My third choice is a change of style to the previous lot. I can’t help be drawn the soft, delicate appearance of these coral and diamond ear pendants. All of Emily’s picks will be offered for sale at our auction of Unique & Trendy Jewelry on Thursday 17th September. To view the full auction catalogue, please visit our website OnlyLoveMyself.

Vintage Unique Costume Jewelry & Accessories: Overview


Take a sneak peek into an auction of Vintage Unique Costume Jewelry & Accessories taking place 14th September at 10am.

This month’s Vintage Unique Costume Jewelry & Accessories auction has our usual array of interesting and varied pieces, from historical and unique designer jewelry, to bags and clothes. This really is the sale with something for everyone!

Within this auction we have two beautiful Child & Child enamel butterfly brooches with marker’s cases, lots 137 and 138. Child & Child pieces are often a favourite with collectors of early 20th century unique costume jewelry. The firm was founded in London in 1880 by brothers Waler and Harold Child and their jewelry had royal patronage, listing, amongst others, Queen Victoria as one of their customers.


CHILD & CHILD – an early 20th century enamel butterfly brooch.

There are some interesting pieces of Burmese amber in this auction too, a favourite being lot 424, a natural Burmese amber carving, depicting a parrot perched on a Japanese pine. It’s a fairly sizeable piece and is a stunning orange to red colour.

A natural Burmese amber carving


Arguably, this auction features one of our best ever selections of Scandinavian unique costume jewelry from lots 859 to 888. Including pieces by Georg Jensen, Hans Hansen, David Anderson and Lapponia by Bjorn Weckstrom. The pieces by Wiwen Nilsson are very exciting, this is a Scandinavian designer which we haven’t auctioned before. His pieces are very popular among specialist collectors of Scandinavian  unique designer jewelry.


DAVID ANDERSEN – an enamel leaf bracelet.

We have our usual wide selection of designer handbags, clothes and accessories as well as some beautiful mink fur coats and jackets.